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For time | E1 | 40min Cap

3000m Jerry Can carry

300/200 Calorie Row

300 Deadball squats



x2/1 Jerry Can’s

35kg/ Jerry Can Squats


x2 Jerry Can’s

75/55kg DeadBall


Teams may tag in and/or out at any time. Jerry Can’s must be carried hanging beside the body, held by the competitors hands.

Rx males must individually carry both Jerry Cans at once. Rx females and Scaled males may carry the Jerry Cans between them how they choose.

Deadballs must be held infront of the body. Competitors are not to receive any assistance in completing repetitions, however may help team mates to set the ball ready to squat. Scaled Females will replace the Deadball with a Jerry Can. The Jerry Can must be held infront of the body the same as a Deadball.

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