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For time (40min Cap) complete:

1.5km Stretcher Carry

100 L Arm DumbBell Snatch

100 R Arm DumbBell Snatch

200 Burpee box over jumps

300 Squats



DB @22.5/15kg

Box @20”

Squats @2x/1x Pavers


DB @30/22.5kg

Box @24”

Squats @3x/2x Pavers


Stretcher may only be moved once one team member is lying on it with their feet towards the direction of travel.

DB must be lowered under control. One team member working at any time. Team member performing reps must perform the DB Snatch on the designated mat.

Burpee box jump over is performed by one team member at any time. Burpees MUST be facing the box. Rx competitors must jump onto the box.

Squats, will be performed by one team member at any time. Pavers will be held in front of the body by the working team member. Dropped pavers will result in a teams disqualification.

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