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For load | Old school | EVENT 2

Build to your one rep max Snatch.


Rx male: 125,120,115,110,105,100,95,90,85,80,75,70kg.

Rx female:


Intermediate male: 105,100,95,90,85,80,75,70,65,60,55,50kg.

Intermediate female: 60,55,50,45,42.5,40,37.5,35,32.5,30,27.5,25kg.

Scaled male:


Scaled female: 50,45,42.5,40,37.5,35,32.5,30,27.5,25,22.5,20kg.


Each pair will be given 40sec to achieve each weight. Following this pairs will be given 5sec to move to the next weight. One individual from each pair may lift at any one time. If any individual fails to achieve the lift within the allotted time, they will not be able to continue, their score will be the last weight achieved. However, their team mate may continue on until they too fail to achieve the respective weight.

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