for time (16min Cap) complete:

75 Synchronised Toes to Bar

75 Synchronised Hand Stand Push Ups

50 Synchronised Toes to Bar

25 Synchronised Hand Stand Push Ups


At the same time as EVENT 5 (16min Cap) complete:

150/100 Calorie Row



Synchronised Toes to Bar will be replaced with Synchronised Situps, whereby individuals will pass a Medicine ball between them, both touching the ground above their head, then passing the ball at the top of the Situp.

Synchronised Situps @9/6kg

Synchronised Hand Stand Pushups will be replaced with one competitor performing a Handstand Hold, at which time the remaining competitor may work through the equivalent reps of Hand Stand Push Ups.

Hand Stand Push Ups with an Ab Mat + 10kg plate.


Synchronised Toes to bar are considered a rep when both feet of both competitors touch the bar att he same time.

Synchronised HSPU are considered a rep when both competitors start in a Handstand, both their heads touch the ground (timing here does not matter), but then both competitors are locked out at the top of a Handstand, under control, at the same time.

Workouts are scored separately but performed at the same time.

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