On Tuesday I got told off!

I didn’t steel anything, or do anything illegal.

I didn’t hurt anyone or break anything.

I had just finished a workout, and was taking a short break when someone turned to me and said …

“Wow, you are really negative, do you not like training?”

Shocked, and somewhat defensive I replied -

“I’m sorry, what”

She explained -

“Well, I was talking with Sophie (not the person’s actual name but for the purpose of this story, I will use Sophie), she pointed out that you never look happy when you train.  You are also quite hard on yourself.”

“Go on”

“Oh, you should not be offended, you obviously have very high expectations of yourself. But, sometimes you could just show that you are happy with your achievements. Or just think about how what you say, not necessarily directed at anyone, but indirectly how it can affect others.”

I didn’t know what to say.

I took the next couple of hours to think about what she had said. It had really hit me deep. I had never wanted to be a negative person. I never want to have a negative impact on anyone or their training.

I want to be a person to look up to, and to set a positive example for others.

She was right.

The next day I took the opportunity to thank her.


Because it takes confidence and a special type of person to confront someone with something they do not want to hear.

Something which they know may unintentionally cause debate.

I genuinely appreciate that she took the time to say what she did.

Sometimes you just need to listen.

Sometimes you need to take the time to think about what people say to you.

It is natural to be defensive.

It is hard to believe you do something that you never intended.

It is even harder to stop and listen.

To grow, is to learn.

If you really want to be a better you, take every opportunity you can.

Life will only throw at you only what you can handle. It is how you handle it, that determines how you grow.

Next time just listen.

... even at the worst of times.

Michael Gillum