What a cop out!

Just as I finished training yesterday one of our members and I got talking…

He asked -

“So, what’s next?”

“I am actually heading to Brisbane in just over two weeks to compete in the Torian Pro”

“Oh sick”

“I am definitely excited, I have not done a competition since…”

It took me a while to think back to the last individual competition I did. Not because I didn’t want to. Heck, I love competing, and competing with the Team at this year’s CrossFit Games was awesome, yet it was not an individual completion.

“In fact, the last competition I did, competing by myself, was the Industrial Athletic Invitational in July last year.”

A Little shocked, we left the conversation there, and continued to pack up.

This year we had two teams from New Zealand qualify for the CrossFit Games (Functional Strength CrossFit and CrossFit East Tamaki). In 2016, we had one team qualify for the CrossFit Games (CrossFit East Tamaki). In 2015, we had one team (CrossFit East Tamaki) and one individual male (Kevin Manuel) qualify for the Games. Yet, we wonder why more New Zealanders are not making it across the line at Regionals to qualify for the Games.

Here’s why…

Because we are hiding in a team. We are hiding behind our buddies. Hiding where weaknesses cannot be exposed. Where it is safe. Where it is comfortable.

Yes, team competitions are fun. Competing with your buddies is extremely rewarding and can push you to achieve things you might not have had you been by yourself.

But, you are doing it for someone else. You are doing it because of the feeling of failure, the idea that you don’t want to let someone down.

If you really want to get to Regionals. If you really want to reach your full potential as an athlete. Put yourself out in front of a crowd, by yourself, truly testing you.

You are capable, it is up to you to believe in yourself.

Michael Gillum