Have you thought about lending a hand?

Recently, I can’t remember exactly when, but I know it was not so long ago.

I said to one of our members…

“What are you doing this weekend? Are you coming up to Two2Tango (a pair’s competition held on the North Shore of Auckland).”

He replied –

“Yeah, the missus is competing, so I am probably going to come watch.”

“Yo, my wife is competing too. I’m going to help out with judging, you should join me!”

“Nah, F#%K NO!”

CrossFit and Fitness competitions alike, rely heavily on volunteers to ensure their success. The Pacific Regionals alone saw over 100 individuals from across the Pacific offer their time to support the weekend event. The CrossFit Games, held in Madison this year, saw near 1000 volunteers offer their time to support the week-long event.

It always surprises me, the commitment of volunteers, and knowing the time they donate to support these great events.

People literally pay for their own travel and their accommodation, take time off work, and spare time out of their own lives, to support these events, for what? Other than the satisfaction in knowing that they are part of something great. Something which may one day change the world as we know it.

I replied …

“So you expect people to volunteer for you, to judge at the events you compete at, to change your weights and keep your score, but you will not return the favour?

“But, I pay to compete!”

“Where do you think that money goes?”

“And, I will no doubt have to pay to get in.”


Does anyone realise what it cost to run a competition, let alone a successful event.

Where do you think prize money comes from? Yes Reebok sponsors a significant portion of the CrossFit Games prize money. But, I know this is not the case for the majority of fitness competitions alike. The prize money for the New Zealand Pound4Pound competition for example, is covered by entry fees, as are many other competitions.

Who do you think pays for the crowd barriers, the porta-loos, the event tees, the stop watches, the clip boards, the printing, the health and safety reports. Who do you think tests the workouts, and updates the websites?

Who do you think cleans up afterwards?

I always read complaints about paying an entry fee. Have you considered that a venue, like the WIN Entertainment Stadium which hosts the Pacific Regionals costs tens of thousands, per day?

Yes competitions make a money.

Have you considered the hours of preparation that goes into a successful event? Are you going to do all that for free?

Think back to the last item of clothing you brought. When you swiped your Eftpos card, someone, somewhere made money. Not because they are greedy, or ripped you off, but because they needed to make money to continue to make more clothing, to live, to put food on the table.

Most event organisers do not make millions.

They, like you and I make what they deserve for the time and effort they put in.

If competitions made millions, everyone would do it.

Next time you go to a competition, think about lending a hand.

Not for money.

Not because I said you should.

But, for all the times others have, or will one day volunteer for you.

Michael Gillum