You can always learn more.

I am not talking about the world, or the things that surround you.

I mean learning about yourself.

Learning about what you are capable of. What you could influence, both by thought and with intent, or sub-consciously without consideration or motive.

Last weekend I competed at the Torian Pro. A competition hosted in Australia, which I had wanted to attend for some time. One which I would call, one of Australia’s best, most fierce competitions.

Only, this time was different.

This time I had a different focus, to learn.

Friday before the competition a friend said to me…

“You are a shark swimming around in the tank looking for the weak ones to pick off. I’m not talking about being a shark anymore. That’s what you are. I’m talking about learning that you don’t have to bite everyone in the tank, just because you can. Not when you could be swimming towards the real goal”.

I had to really think about what she had said.

See, she is the kind of friend who will tell you what you need to hear, whether you like it or not.

I really took the time to read into the comment, intended or not, it hit the spot.

JT, owner of UndergroundRX picked me up from the Brisbane Airport and immediately we got talking.

“So do you understand what she is saying?”

I looked at JT, careful with my answer…

“Yes. I guess I have never really taken the time to slow down. I have always competed the same way. I have always been extremely determined to succeed both on the competition floor and beyond. So determined that I had never considered how it could have a negative impact on me. I have never really considered the outcome of an ego and how that can affect not only those around me, but also myself.”

“Ego, you understand the analogy then?”


Monday following the competition that same friend sent me this…

“But, just a pinch too much and they become the deadliest poison. Pride is like that. Too little and a man has no sense of self-worth. The world would wear him down to dust. Too much and he becomes arrogant, vein and boastful. But, just enough and he is the man to walk mountains with”.

-       David Gemmel

This weekend, as best I could, I took the time to learn. To watch others around me, and to take a step back, to be careful with how I acted and what I said.

Whether perceived that way or not, I learned much more than I had intended.

I had never thought I’d learn what I did.

However, the key here is not what I learnt.

It is the fact that I did.

That you too should one day, not every day, but at some point in time. Take an opportunity to learn. Change your approach. Change your perspective. Take a step away and see what you learn.

You will be overwhelmed.

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Michael Gillum