You need to understand the sacrifice that is involved.

You need to understand the responsibility of the commitments that you have accepted. And that it's ok.

I have had this conversation with the same person more than once now. Each time the topic has come up, we get well distracted from what we are meant to be doing. Its easy to see so many examples, and I feel like each time one of us brings it up, the material is so new.

… “Speaking of distractions, did Kathy (not her actual name) tell you that she is going away this weekend?”

“Yeah, she also told me that she is doing another competition soon, that she will be away with work next week, for most of the week, and that her youngest has school camp in two weeks”.

“Haha, how is she going to be ready for the Open?”

“She will be as ready as she has chosen to be. As ready as the commitments that she has made will allow. And that’s fine”

Generally, here is where the conversation ends.

As humans, apart of society we have lives. We have, and make commitments and there is nothing wrong with that.

Nothing at all.

What is wrong is when we lie to ourselves. When we make goals only to let ourselves down, not once or twice but on a regular basis.

We all sub-consciously choose to make things a priority. Whether you like it or not if something is more important to you than something else you will put more time, effort and energy into that thing.

Here is an example…

Leading into the 2017 New Zealand Team Nationals, the Team Nationals competition was without question my priority. This had significant consequences which I knew, and I was willing to accept. I have set myself a goal for Regionals next year, which during the lead up to Nationals I reluctantly and temporarily put to the side. Not because that’s what I wanted, but because my goal was no longer at the top of the peaking order. And although I was focused and consciously I wanted to train, I would often find myself distracted during training, or not training at all.

But that’s ok. That’s a decision I made. A decision which I consciously made, which I knew the consequence of. And that I knew meant I had to sacrifice something.

If you really want to do something, you will.

But, you must be willing to put things aside.

You must be willing to accept the consequence of your decisions, which you may or may not like.

That may mean you don’t visit friends or family. That you don’t get to go to the beach or the movies with your friends. That you cannot afford new training shoes, or you end up working late, well after the rest of the office have gone home.

And that’s ok.

Here’s a classic …

“Nah, I can’t afford to!”

Yes, you can.

You just don’t want to. And, that’s fine. You don’t need to make an excuse, accept the priorities you have and the sacrifices that go along with it.

Be happy with the commitments you make. You made them.

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Michael Gillum