No conversation this week…

But, show some F%#KIN respect!

For your peers.

To the newbie in the class.

To the lady who has been in the mum’s class but decided to step outside her comfort zone.

To the teenager only trying to discover himself.

To the old guy in the corner who has spent his life working like a slave, but has decided it’s time for change.

To anyone and everyone who has turned up to the gym, or whatever discipline they have chosen.

The people around you are doing more to improve their health than the majority of the population. Why would you knock them down at the knees and send them packing? Give yourself an uppercut and find the respect button your parents gave you.

They, just like you, are taking the right steps in improving their lives.

It is so easy, and so often forgotten where you started.

Are you really that ignorant?

Do you honestly believe everyone who walks through the door for the first time, pulls off a 50m hand stand walk, maybe a bonus back flip, then walks over to their buddy and throws 100kg over their head, and calls it their ‘warmup weight’.

We all have a common goal…

To be better than yesterday.

Each and every person around you has either put their pride aside, kicked their comfort zone in the arse, or grown a pair and decided to do something for the future them.

Instead of screwing your face up, being impatient, or laughing at their incompetence how about you lend a hand, or throw them a high five.

One day you might be the newbie.

Respect others with the respect you desire.

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Michael Gillum