It has been a tough year, and a long one at that.

Get over your shit.

This time of year should be about positive reflection.

Why fill your yourself with regret. With thoughts of what you could have been. Thoughts of what you should have done. And , the idea that you should have done better, and achieved more.

The truth is…

You wouldn’t have done any better.

You wouldn’t have done any more than you did.

Otherwise you would have.

That’s something that you are going to have to live with. There is not point beating yourself up. The past is quite literally the past.

Instead, write down the things you did this year.

Now give yourself a high five and be proud of your achievements!

Now, what’s happening in 2018?

Two weeks ago, during our last weightlifting class of the year I got caught up discussing goal setting. More specifically the issue I have with goals, and the way goals are set and perceived. I was asked…

“How can you be proud of yourself if you have aimed to achieve nothing?”

“I am not saying you shouldn’t aim for something, nor am I saying you shouldn’t be proud of yourself. What I am saying is that having a list of expectations is not setting goals. It is purely pursuing failure. Your goal, or goals need to be something that you desire above all. Something which you will subconsciously make your priority. Something which at even the darkest of times, you will be able to see the speck of light near the end of the tunnel.”

Silence surrounded me. They were all thinking quite deeply about what I had said. One of them piped up…

“So, one goal?”

I replied –

“Yes. Be realistic. Take the time to think about the things you want. Something is more important than the rest. You will without question desire one more than the rest. Consider this…

You want to make it to the gym 4 days a week (goal no.1). You want to lose 5kg (goal no.2), and look good in a bikini (goal no.3). You want to eat healthy (goal no.4). You are only going to have one takeaway meal each week (goal no.5). You are going to take a healthy snack for morning tea each day (goal no.6). Once a week you are going to spend 10mins kicking a ball around with your kids (goal no.7). This year you are also going to join a social sports team (goal no.8).


You are going to improve your lifestyle to be an active role model for your kids.”

The small goals you have set yourself are stepping stones to what it is you really crave. The issue is, what happens when you miss a step, or you fall over. Does that mean you can no longer achieve what you want? F&%K NO!

The small steps are the process. I can promise you, you will fall over. It will get really, really windy on those steps, and there may even be a fallen tree. But that’s ok, you can brush off the dirt, grab the railing, and borrow a chainsaw. Keep climbing towards what you really desire. 

2018 doesn’t have to be the year to do it. It might just be another couple of steps.

But, keep climbing.

Michael Gillum