How do you perceive yourself?

Are you good enough to be in the team?

I had a conversation last week with a member who asked about going to Regionals, and making a team.

Before we started I grabbed the chalk and wrote on the blackboard…

‘Want to go to Regionals?’


‘Going to Regionals?’

And asked her to choose.

What is the Regionals?

Last year saw 324,000 people compete in the CrossFit Open. From those people, 660 were invited to compete at the different regions across the world. From those competitors the top 5, of each male and female, 80 in total, were invited to compete at the CrossFit Games. The CrossFit Games is the absolute pinnacle of competition.

She looked at me a little shocked, and hesitantly pointed at ‘want to go to Regionals’. I then asked her “the most recent competition you entered, what category did you enter?”. I already knew the answer, but it was then that she understood where this conversation was heading.

If you want to make a team, to go to Regionals, then do it. But, believe it. It is only your perception that holds you back.

Matt Fraser doesn’t hope he is going to win the CrossFit Games. James Newbury didn’t go to the Regionals with his fingers crossed hoping that he will qualify for the CrossFit Games this year. Kara Webb didn’t ‘leaderboard’ every living moment of the CrossFit Open with the hope to make it to the Regionals. What they did do, and do time and time again is they truly believe in themselves, their ability and the results they are going to get. Not the results they want, the ones they are going to get.

Our conversation continued “What if I ask people to be in a team with me and they think I am not good enough? Do I say that I want to make a team to try qualify for Regionals?”

Perception of yourself can often be your greatest down fall. You are good enough for any team, but are you willing to put in the time and effort to go with that team, and if you are, do you believe you are good enough yourself?

I replied “When you choose your team, how about – I am going to Regionals next year, would you like to be in my team?” Now, you probably think that is arrogant. Arrogant is parading the streets, telling the world you are going to succeed. There is a distinct difference between that and believing in yourself.

Are you good enough to be in a team?


Although, how do you perceive yourself?

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Michael Gillum