The Power of competition.

Last week, 5.20am, almost zero degrees, we pull up to the gym, a little late, to a sight of true inspiration. A carpark full of cars, full of motivated people ready to workout.

At the completion of the programmed workout I informed a small group that they had not yet finished, and would additionally be completing a 600m Dead ball carry. Really, I just wanted an opportunity to catch up with each of them.

Immediately the conversation began …

“I need to find me again. I am definitely getting itchy feet, I really want to compete again”.

I replied – “Why? because you miss the feeling of accomplishment. You miss being pushed. You miss having a goal, and purpose to train hard. So why did you stop?”

It is phenomenal what can be achieved through competition. The CrossFit Open is one of the best examples of this. We strongly encourage members to enter each year, not because they are going to win. But, because we want to provide an opportunity where individuals will push themselves beyond what they normally would in a regular class. We want them to see what they are capable of.

If you MUST do, you will. If you have the OPTION to, you may or may not.

Consider this…

You enter the CrossFit Open, knowing last week you managed your first pullup. And since then, you have managed to complete a couple of sets of 3 – 5 repetitions. You are pumped! Workout 1 is released, chest to bar pull ups and Squats. Uh oh. The first time you try it, you spend 11 minutes only to achieve a score of zero. But, you spend the whole 11 minutes trying. You are gutted, yet you remain determine. You come back on Sunday to practice. You even ask the Trainer for a couple of extra tips after class. Then Tuesday lunch time, right before submission is due, you come in and do it again.

3, 2, 1 Go…

“No rep. No Rep. 1.”

“What? I got one? YUS!”

You finish the workout with one round completed. The level of satisfaction is beyond containable. You did it.

Would you have got Chest to bar pullups had you not entered the CrossFit Open? Probably, but how long would it have taken? This is exactly what competitions do. As much as you want to push yourself, as much as you want to succeed, you cannot give the same effort as if there is something on the line.

I said to her, “so enter the next competition you find”.


Michael Gillum