The champion you could be...

You cannot honestly believe what you see on Social Media!

It is easy to snap your latest PB on Instagram.

It is easy to post about how much fun you had at a competition over the weekend.

It is easy to show the world what you have achieved.

What is often forgotten, and is never posted, is what that success really means.

No one wants to hear about the hours you spend in the gym stretching. Hanging out by yourself in the corner for the second hour straight, stretching. Or, how you have spent 20 mins working through the crossover symmetry routine, every day for the past six weeks. No one is going to read your story about how it has taken you 12 months of working percentages on your snatch to gain 1kg. No one wants to listen to you complain about the breakfast you have every morning, and how it has been the same for the last two years. The world certainly does not want to know it has taken seven years to get to the level you are.

The truth, for the majority of the time, is too much work.

I have this conversation every day.

Member: “Hey, I’m not getting anywhere. I suck at Handstand Pushups, and I just can’t get a bigger weight on my clean, everyone is better than me.”

My reply, every time. “Have you been practicing? For how long?”

Member: “YEAH, I have been doing handstands after class EVERY DAY for the last six weeks!”

And the reply, no one wants to hear “Good work, now keep going. Everyday. It may take you the rest of the year, it may take two. You will get better, eventually”.

Champions are not made over night.

There will be times when you do not improve, when you do not achieve the goals you have set yourself, and you feel like you are wasting your time, day after day. The difference between being the champion you could be, and the person you perceive yourself to be, is knowing the reality of what success involves, knowing the struggle that individuals go through. The difference is the ability to work through that same struggle yourself.

Stop lying to yourself. Stop believing the CRAP that is posted on social media. Everyone who succeeds, works for each and every result.

Your turn.


Michael Gillum