Performance based goals...

Last week I got caught deep in conversation with one of our members.

He asked, “Bro, what are your thoughts on nutrition?”


I replied - “I believe in a long-term solution”

I do wonder if he really wanted to ask another question. However, I thought that first I would address what had been suggested.

Nutrition is one of the most controversial and opinion based ‘things’ in our ever changing, world. What you need to realise, is that your results are a direct reflection of the effort you put in. There is NO secret. There is no six-week program that will change your life. Yes, a six-week program may set a foundation which in-turn changes your life forever. But, it takes a lot longer than the initial six weeks.

Yes, nutrition is key to looking good, to performing better and to getting the results that you want.

My point.

Fix it forever.

Change one thing at a time. Make it a lifelong change, that in the future will become a subconscious decision that is right for you.

The accepted standard –

Visit a ‘nutritionist’, receive a five-week meal plan. Stick to each meal for the full five weeks, no cheat days. Well done. Now do that same five week meal plan for the next 50 years of your life.

Why not? You got results.

The solution –

Change one thing. In two or three weeks, when you have truly changed that ‘thing’, change something else. Make life long changes. It may be cutting bread, or drinking more water. It, most importantly is a change that will eventually become the normal.

The issue –

Nutrition is tedious. Checking your body weight everyday, or staring into your mirror hoping, waiting for change is ridiculous. Nutrition is widely accepted as the underlying issue, BULLSHIT! The issue is a lack of performance based goals.

You want to look like top athletes, you want your abs to glisten in the sun. Do you know what that takes? Do you know realise that top athletes could not care less what they look like. Top athletes, are driven by what they want. They are driven by their goals.

The coolest thing, is that their body adapts. Their body adapts to the environment, the training, and the pressures that the individual put on themselves. The way they look is a direct reflection of their goals.

Instead of measuring themselves, instead of measuring their food, they change their life to suit their goals. Nutrition is a small component in their lifestyle.

Change for the right reasons.

Change to suit your goals.

Set performance based goals.


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Michael Gillum