At the Games.

The feeling still resides deep inside, and the conversation is still fresh to the ear.

We flew 17 hours to Los Angeles where we spent four days somewhat adjusting to the change of time and temperature. It never really settled that we were in America, to compete at the CrossFit Games. Yes, it was another country, another gym where we were training, and we were all somewhat excited.

But, really it felt like another training session.

Friday the 28th of July, we travelled to Madison, Wisconsin.

We spent the weekend doing what we could to familiarise ourselves with the environment.

Wednesday the 2nd of August, is the day our team walked out in-front of a bus.

There was no stopping it.

We showed up to registration at 11am, where we spent almost two hours trying on and sizing our new gear. It is absolutely ridiculous the quantity of product individuals receive at the CrossFit Games. But, you know what, we earned it!

That night we attended an athlete dinner where Dave Castro announced several events. The cool bit not being the free dinner, but being surrounded by the individual competitors. Like-minded people who are driven to succeed no matter the cost. Normal people, real people, people who have all made sacrifices to achieve their goals.

On Thursday, it began.

We turned up early. Nervous an excited.

Event 1: (in pairs)

2.4km Run

500m Swim

2.4km Run

This workout was the one, that as a team we dreaded. It was one which tested us through and through. It tempted fate, and it was the one workout which questioned whether or not we would compete at the 2017 CrossFit Games.

Both success and more importantly failure, are what drive a team to succeed. A team that has worked through significant failures and felt triumph together will be stronger than a team who lies to each other.

Our story is no different.

Not all of our team members were confident in the water. In fact, the water was an area often avoided in our team trainings. Not excluded or overlooked, but less favored.


A story for another day…

The event required all team members to complete the workout to continue through to the next stage of the competition.

We placed 16th.

The light at the end of the tunnel really is there.

We competed again that afternoon, ending the day somewhat happy but not yet satisfied.

On Friday we had four events, the Obstacle course, max Clean & Jerk, and the rowing worm workout. Friday we were satisfied. We had done what we could and placed where we truly believed we deserved.

Saturday morning.

Event 7: (as a team)

150 feet big bob pull

150 feet big bob push

When this event got announced the excitement was indescribable. This was our event to win, or to loose.

“They must be the biggest f**ken team in the history of the CrossFit Games”,

“Mass moves mass!”,

“There are some big boys in the Functional Strength team”.

The pressure was huge, and we soaked it all in.

Planned and executed to perfection.

An event win!

Again, we competed several times more that day.

We went into Sunday with mixed emotions. Disappointed, but driven. We knew we needed to place well in event 10 to make the Final.

Our goal had always been to make the final.

The most memorable workout of the CrossFit Games.

Yet, our worst placing.

Our CrossFit Games had ended.

17th overall.

To be continued…

Michael Gillum