My reflection.

It is always easy to look back on decisions you have made. To say you would have done it differently, and to talk about what could have been.

The key is to look positively at ‘what could have been’ and learn from that experience.

Thinking back to when I returned from the Games.

The first person I remember talking to, “So, how was it?”

I replied, “Awesome, different, and a massive learning curve”.

 Probably not the answer they were looking for, but I knew they were curious.

The awesome bit…

The experience itself was phenomenal. It was all you expect and more. It is the pinnacle of CrossFit competitions. Tough, fierce competitors and challenging events. It is an experience very few will ever experience and one which many aspire to endure. It truly is the CrossFit Games.

“What was different?”

Everything. What you see on T.V and what it really is, is very different. You only see the cool bits. The pieces where top athletes are doing amazing things, achieving ridiculous results. What you do not see is the waiting, the mucking around, and the pressure.

For example -

The very first workout, the run, swim, run. We were told to check in at 8am. We were then walked as a group (all 40 teams), to the beer tent (a massive warehouse which would later be used as a venue for spectators) and told to wait there. The event was scheduled to start at 9am, at least that’s what we understood. At 8.45am after standing around for approx. 30mins, we were ushered to the start-line, directly outside. At 8.50am Dave Castro announces that he is unhappy with the way it is set up. As a result we were directed to go back inside and wait. At 9am we were then moved back outside to the start line to wait for the start of the event at 9.15am. Once started, all remaining pairs (this event was a relay completed as pairs) were moved inside. Bailey and I did not start the event until 10.25am.

The same theme continued for the duration of the competition, check in 90mins before. Wait a while. Walk somewhere. Wait again. Walk to the start line. Wait again. Start.

“What did you learn?”

The experience is something that I will always look back on. It is one experience which I can use to reference for so many things.

Most importantly.

Do your research.


Push the boundaries.

Believe in each other and yourself.

It is amazing what you can learn about yourself and others in stressful, challenging environments. If you really want to achieve what you truly believe is possible, it is essential that the people you choose to do that with are not only capable of the same goal, but they also believe in themselves that it is possible. A team of champions can compete together and achieve amazing results. A team of champions who truly believe in each other and themselves can achieve far beyond that of any other.

Know your goals, and truly believe them.

When you feel as though you have failed, so should the entire team.

When you feel successful, so should the entire team.

When things hurt, they hurt everyone.

If something is easy, it is easy for each person in the team.

Any lapse will be what breaks any team.

Because at the end of the day without every person in the team you cannot achieve what really is possible.

I continue to reflect on the experience. I am not negative. I look forward to the next opportunity.

Michael Gillum