The difference.

I have caught myself having this conversation a number times over the past couple of weeks.

The difference between those who are at the top and those who are not.

In New Zealand I see so often, the same top competitors going head to head. I very rarely see new faces coming through.  

What is the difference?

We talked about programming.

Yes, programming is important. It is key to have progressive training, varied intensity, managed volume, output, and workload, and to cover both your weaknesses and your strengths. Not to mention, to practice, train and compete. However, even the best individualized programming in the world executed perfectly will not entitle them to be crowned ‘Fittest on Earth’.

We talked about experiences.

Yes, experience helps. It supports your ability to grow as an athlete. Experience provides a foundation for your next steps. And, it gives you the grounding you need as an athlete. But, the most experienced ex-gymnast in the world cannot be guaranteed a podium finish at the CrossFit Games.

We talked about gear, friends, and the gyms top athletes go to. All relative, but not what makes anyone number one and not what gets individuals to the top.

The difference, is the want. The want to succeed. The want to push harder than the person next to you. The drive to pick up the bar, when your shoulders are burning, you can’t breath, you are about to pass out from heat exhaustion and doing what no one else will. The difference is wanting to. Wanting more than anyone else.

Those who succeed, want to, and they truly believe in themselves that they will.

One to live by.

"Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't."

-       Jerry Rice


Michael Gillum