You are only protecting your ego.

I hate this conversation. Yet, I have the same conversation all too often.

The controversy around this topic is created purely by top competitors. Whether they like it or not, they set the standard for competitors across New Zealand

I was reminded this morning during our 5.30am class…

“Hey Gilly, who is our 3rd boy for the teams comp?”

“I am not sure?”

“Oh well, why don’t we just sub in John or Craig (not their actual names, but for the purpose of this Bulletin, we will use ‘John’ and ‘Craig’)?”

“Why, because the team you are referring to is entered in the intermediate division. I am not about to encourage two, relatively good, competitive, ‘Rx’ level competitors to enter the Intermediate division. It is not only unfair, but unreasonable to create the best team possible and put them in any category we so choose”.

“But John’s not ‘Rx’!”

“I’m sorry. Hey John, name one movement you cannot do, which would in turn stop you from effectively competing as part of an ‘Rx’ team at the Team Nationals”

No reply.

My point exactly.

John pipes in “But I’m not as good as you, so I would get smashed!”

Here is where it gets interesting.

The New Zealand Team Nationals is now a relative comparison to the CrossFit Games, at least that is what John is suggesting. Form John’s comment we can then assume that, I should be entering the ‘Rx’ division at the Team Nationals, after placing 17th in the world at the Crossfit Games, correct. And as a result, although John is one of the most competitive individuals in the gym, he should lower himself into the intermediate division. Not because he is not good enough to compete in the ‘Rx’ division, but because there may well be competitors like me, in other teams who have recently competed at either the Pacific Regionals, or the CrossFit Games. And he does not believe in himself, that he will beat those teams, or for that matter be competitive.

Here is what I take from this…

John does not want to lose.

Regardless of the fact, that John is physically capable of completing all programmed workouts at this year’s Team Nationals, as prescribed (true fact). John wants to enter a category where he has a chance of winning.

John does not care that he is, by my understanding of the sportsmanship rules, undermining the point of the competition. Because, John wants to win.


What John really wants, is to protect his ego.

No one likes coming last.

Let’s be honest, it sucks.

There it is, the number one reason people from all over New Zealand, and in fact the world do not enter competitions. Because they don’t want to lose. They do not want to damage their ego.

It is so much easier to say –

“Oh, I’m just enjoying training at the moment”

“Nah man, I have a bit of a niggly back so going to miss this one”

“Hey girl, I am really focusing on my strength cycle so can’t make it”

“Who else is entered? Really trying to be pick my competitions wisely this year”

Do not get me wrong, these are all valid excuses on a non-regular basis. But, when you have been ‘focusing on your same strength cycle’ for the last eight months, you either need a new coach or you are straight up looking out for ego.

Unfortunately, there is no governing body for CrossFit based competitions in New Zealand.

Should this matter?


Stop protecting your ego.

Enter the right f**king category.

Better yourself.

Remember why you started.

And please, help grow our sport, not hurt it.

Regionals 2012.jpg
Michael Gillum