A small, really BIG achievement.

I want to share a story with you.

A story one of my members told me.

A story about something special.

Something which shows the true value of patience, persistence and determination.

We had just finished the workout for week two of the Pound4Pound postal competition.

A CrossFit Taurus we, the Trainers, strongly encourage our members to participate in the competition. We also schedule the workout as part of our classes during the postal phase of the competition.

Immediately after the workout, one of our members approached me.

Smile spread wide across her face.

“I did 43 reps.”

“I did 43 of the 50 back rack lunges. Did you know, that the last time I did this workout was the first year of the Pound4Pound in 2013, when this workout was first released”.

I had nothing to say, but I was intrigued …

“When you released the workout, I had been doing CrossFit for six months. But do you know what I am really proud of?”

I sat there staring at her …

“In 2013, I couldn’t even lift the weight off the ground to start the workout, let alone attempt a rep. And, to get 43 reps makes me so happy. I am absolutely stoked. Thank you.”

I was lost for words.

This is a pure display of success through patience.

A reward for absolute persistence.

And proof, that in being determine to succeed, no matter how long it may take, how hard it may be, or how many times you may fail. The reward is so much more when you do succeed.

Take your time.

It is not always a race.

You will, one day, if you want to, be a better you.

Michael Gillum