We are genuine when we say, we want to help you.

But, seriously…

Learn to count.

Not because I care, but because you are destroying your friendships.  You are spoiling our culture, we have worked so hard to create. And put quite plainly, you are cheating the whole reason you are here.

When I coach, I often choose someone to pick on just a little more than everyone else. Not in a negative way, but to really give them a little extra push.

This particular day I choose ‘John’ (not his actual name but we will use ‘John’ in this instance).

The workout that day required members to work through 20 Deadlifts, 10 Clean and Jerk, and 35 Kettle-bell swings, twice and all under 14 minutes. A tough time cap to say the least.

The conversation went something like this -

“Keep it up John, you have made a really good start”, a little encouragement approximately 1 minute in, as he begins to change the weight ready for the Clean and Jerk. I decide to watch from a distance, and count his reps.

“Nice work man”, currently 5 Reps in…

Then, I quickly realise that John thinks he has finished. He is on his way to the kettle bell that is placed off to the other side of the Pull-up rig. Far enough that it would not be reasonable to guess he is purely taking a small rest.

I sprint over and interrupt almost immediately,

“Hey, are you going to do the other 5?”

He replies –

“I have”, looking relatively confused.

My honest, genuine reply, because I actually care…

“No! you have done five, I stood back and counted the entire set”.

He, quickly, and quite shocked, responds -

“Oh crap! my bad bro, sorry”

“No need to be sorry man, get stuck in”

Moments later, I noticed John moving back to the Kettle-bell, at which time I knew he still had one rep left to complete the set.

This time I decided to make it known. Over top of the music I yelled –

“Hey John, you still have another Rep, come on man!”

No response.

But, he did the rep. And I can confidently say, that he did not miss count another rep that entire workout.

Afterwards, John took me aside –

“Hey man, really sorry I messed up those reps. I was going so hard, I just lost count and decided to move on. Won’t happen again, honestly. I am actually a bit gutted to be honest”

It is easy to miscount, I get it.

It is easy to get caught up in the moment, deep in the ‘pain cave’ and loose sense of the basics. I fully understand.

Here is the difference.

Someone who genuinely wants to improve, to truly succeed, would make it impossible to miss count. Whether that meant recording their score after each and every rep. Or they turned around half way through in order to make the sets smaller and easier to count. Maybe they ask the Trainer for help when they know themselves, things are about to get messy.

Or, they just start the set again.

The fact that you have miscounted is lazy.

The problem is...

You are destroying the friendships with the people you train with. A little competition is awesome for many reasons. However, no one likes the ‘Bro, that was a tough fight, just got you in the end ha?’ but really you just shaved the last few reps. I will tell you now, both of you know it too.

You are a detriment to our culture. We are about working hard together. Encouraging each other, and helping each other achieve our goal. Not, doing half the workout and telling everyone that you smashed them. That kind of Ego bullshit can be left at home.

And, you are without question wasting your time. You are cheating no only the workout, but also yourself. You are literally starring at yourself in the mirror and lying.

We are genuine when we say, we want to help you.

But, more importantly, help yourself.

Next time you lose count. The next number is one.

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Michael Gillum