I want to be nice this week.

This week, I want you to see how awesome you really are. I want you to be proud of yourself.

I want to take a moment to help you see that it’s not all bad, that you can be proud of the small things.

I want you to think about yourself.

Do not compare yourself.

Do not justify yourself.

Just think.

I had an email from a member recently, which read…

“I just wanted to say, I am one of those people who make excuses. But, not everything is quite as straight forward as it appears,

Life can get in the way,

Last week I was ready to get stuck into some training, I was near tears, not quite a full sob, but I was getting there. Today it was just not going to work for me, I wouldn’t be able to train,

Yesterday, I made it. I didn’t feel good, to be honest I felt like I’d had the life sucked out of me, I just felt low,

I have a lot of goals, to train three times a week, lose weight, be more active, be healthier, and gain strength.,

But sometimes, you just have to get out there and do your best. Your best might not be as good as yesterday, and you may go backwards before you go forward, but as long as you keep trying you are succeeding.”

I agree 100%.

An excuse –

Something you do or say (often to shift blame) in order to avoid something. Generally repeated on a consistent basis in effort to avoid acceptance of failure or disappointment i.e. I can’t make it today, my boss is making me stay late at work.

Remember, once is ok. The second time is an excuse. An excuse is lazy.

However, that’s not my point.

Life will get in the way. There is no doubt about that. More importantly, it is how you move forward that makes you who you are.

You are allowed to be happy with the small steps forward that you make, and the ones backwards which you learn from.

I wrote not to compare yourself, because you are not that person. You never will be. In no shape, thought or form.

I wrote not to justify yourself, because that is only another excuse. You do not need excuses. You really only need to accept that you are you. Yes, you can change, but in this point in time, you really are you.

Now think, have you done what you can? have truthfully made an effort, an honest effort to achieve whatever it is you desire?

Then be proud of that.

Be proud of yourself.

You are awesome!

Michael Gillum