My love, hate relationship…

With your New Year’s resolution.

But why?

“This year I am going to eat healthy.

This year I am going to train 4 times a week.

This year I am going to make sure I am up early and go running.

This year I am going to lose 10kg.

blah blah blah”

As we say goodbye to another year and welcome in a New Year, I hear all about your New Year’s resolutions.

First of all,

The number one issue I have, and I continue to debate with our members is that, a New Year’s resolution is just plain lazy. If you really crave the resolution you have made, you would have done it already. The fact that it is your New Year’s resolution has almost no impact on whether or not you succeed. The driving factor is in fact you. The cravings you have or lack of, are a direct result of the success of whatever it is you have made as your New Year’s resolution.

Let’s put the idea of a New Year’s resolution aside. Instead let’s call it a step towards your goal.

What need to appreciate is the motivation needed to take each step. Without truly craving your goal, without genuinely wanting the result, your motivation is only water on a windscreen. You are going to wipe it away and fail.

Consider this.

Your first step this year, is to increase your physical training from three times per week, to five.


Why? Because your goal is to improve your lifestyle to be an active role model for your children. Let me point out that you don’t actually need to have your own children to have this goal.

Specific? yes.

Measurable? well if you are overweight and unmotivated clearly you need to sort your shit out. So yes, you will know if you are heading in the right direction.

Achievable? Yes, the simple, yet most significant limitation, is you.

Realistic? Yes. If someone tells you otherwise, you can tell them, I said to go give themselves an uppercut.

Time bound? Yeah, your life. Because it’s not about ‘a new year, a new you’. It’s about climbing each and every day of your life towards what you really want.


Like I have said before.

Find something you really want. Something that you believe is achievable, hard and satisfying. It doesn’t need to be something as spectacular as competing in the Hawaiian iron man, which if that’s for you, go for it. It needs to be something that you have to work hard for, that you have to make sacrifices for, but something that you know that if you do work hard you will truly be rewarded.

Set yourself the one goal and bit-by-bit, year by year work towards it. If you sleep in instead of hitting the track, who cares? Go tomorrow, but make sure you go. Once is a mistake. Twice is letting yourself down. Don’t let yourself down! Find a support network; find a friend who has the same or similar goal. Be mean! Don’t let each other miss a training session or whatever it is you need to achieve your goal. Be realistic! Life will get in the way. Broken stairs and obstacles are annoying, and there will be obstacles – big ones, like trees. Buy a bigger chainsaw.

Set yourself one goal, and climb each and every day towards it.

Michael Gillum