There are 365 days in a year.

There is a serious love hate relationship with the CrossFit open.

Just like any competition, the CrossFit Open pushes individuals to their limits.

However, unlike most competitions, the Open tests not only the best in the world, but also the average Gym goer. I absolutely love, that so often we see the average gym goer, the newbie, the introvert who keeps to them self, the mother of three or the 55 year old guy they call ‘gymdad’ get pressured to register for, and compete in the CrossFit Open.

There is no competition in the world (bold statement I know) you can compete alongside your brother or sister, mother or father, grandma or granddad, your best friend or your coach in the same workout, each week for five weeks.

The community and comradery created by the CrossFit Open is second to none.


There are 365 days in a year, 35 of those are soaked up by the competition which leaves 331 days.

Yet every single year, when Dave Castro releases the workouts each week, the world freaks out.

“O M G! I can’t do that”

“Oh no! I haven’t practiced that”

Then, you get shitty when someone beats you. You make a scene. You start to question yourself. Basically, you act like a dick.

Why are you a dick?

Because you have had 331 days to sort your shit out. To practice. To fix whatever it is you are not good at. The improve yourself and to fix your weaknesses.

No, practicing once a week is NOT good enough. That’s what we call ‘ticking the box’.

Consider this, let’s say you cannot yet do a Ring Muscle Up for whatever reason. Let’s be realistic, they will probably be in the Open. Now, if you coach said to you, if by the end of the month you get a Ring Muscle Up, to his or her standard, you will receive 1 million dollars. Would you get one?


Maybe not.

But, you sure as shit will come in every single day and try. We all know how much you would try.

Probably, quite literally like your life depended on it.

Imagine the success if you applied that same theory to everything you do.

Your success is endless, limited only by yourself.

Are you going for the million?


Are you going to be a dick next year too?

Picture: Team Functional Strength 2017, Team training in Madsion, week of the CrossFit Games 2017.

Michael Gillum