We are just normal people too.


I want to tell you a couple of stories.

Stories about members of ours.

Ones which I hope you can relate to.

Or who can inspire you.

Who inspire us every day.

Here goes…

(number one)

If ever there was a lady who did not understand the meaning of excuse, this would be my example. Personally, as someone who does not have children it is all too easy to get off my bum and get stuck in, I really have zero to no excuse. And, its not that having children is an excuse either. But, the ability to have time to yourself, to do what you want to do, to look after yourself can be somewhat harder with children.

Now, times that by eight. Yes, eight children. And you know what? I see this lady at Taurus at least three to four times each week. Not to mention she just finished our 6 week weightlifting block course all while continuing to attend her regular CrossFit classes. What’s more, two of her daughters and her nephew are members at Taurus.

If you think you have an excuse let me know, Ill forward you her number and she can tell you otherwise.

How about…

(number two)

We recently received a message from one of our members.

“Tonight was my first night back after a month off and I really enjoyed it, more than I ever have. CrossFit is freaking hard for me and it hurts like hell but my month off showed me how much I’ve gained from it. My ‘holiday’ was absolutely intense, I went motorbiking around Nepal but the roads were so bad a couple of people rode their bikes down stairs because they didn’t know the road had ended. And, there are a ridiculous number of stairs!

And, my suitcase was heavy! I was carrying my 18kg suitcase up 3 flights, down 1, doing a 100 meter dash and then up 2 more flights of stairs and I was doing it every day! That might not sound like much to you but there was a time it would have killed me. I know that the only reason I could do it was because of CrossFit. So I want to say thank you, thank you for creating such a great place to train, thank you for being so encouraging, thank you for not judging my best (it can be pathetic at times). I notice that the people who come to CrossFit are awesomely encouraging too and you have to have done something really right to attract so many awesome people.

I could only photograph a small part of the challenge, but this was an achievement for me.”

Still not convinced?

(number three)

I have watched this lady walk in and out of CrossFit Taurus for a little under five years now. Now don’t get me wrong, she gives her best effort every time, and she truly is a genuine piece of our gyms puzzle. However, in September last year she decided enough was enough. It was time to stop scaling the prescribed workout. It was time to stop substituting things she did not necessarily enjoy. It was about time she pushed herself to be better. To take the next step.

And today, nine months later, I honestly, hand on my heart, say that this lady has become somewhat of an inspiration to ladies at the gym. She has quite literally blown my mind.

“Hey… is such a beast now”

“Did you see… Rx that workout”

“Far out I want to move like…”

Something I can’t say I would have heard others say about this lady.

Ok, I have one more…

(number four)

Ever go to the gym and see that one person in the corner? The person everyone wants to be like, but no one really wants to put in the hard work. This young lady was and is now exactly that. She use to stand at a distance watching the over achievers. She often commented how cool it would be to be that good. How she would love to be able to do some of the stuff they can.

One day she actually listened. I had said to her so many times.  We all had. But, somehow this particular time she heard me “So, do it. There is no reason you cannot. There is only one person stopping you. You”. Now we watch her from a distance.

It is crazy what flicks someone’s switch. This is precisely that. And, I do not mean to say it is for everyone, however it is for some of you. Some of you who do not even know it. You first need to try.

Sometimes you just need to hear how someone else does it.

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Michael Gillum