We are all human.

We are all normal people.

All people with our own stories.

Stories like these...

I have watched this man grow for a little over four years now. I have watched as he has worked through personal battles, and physical challenges most of us could not. Yet I have also watched this same man turn up every single day. Yes, he has rest days. Yes, he goes away on holiday, and like everyone he has days that would’ve been better if they did not happen.

But, by the definition of commitment I would use this man as my example. He comes into the gym to improve himself. To look out for his health. And to be better for tomorrow. I remember saying to him…

“Man, you are looking really fit”

“Thanks. It’s funny you say that. The group of lads I hang out with say the same thing. To be honest, I really feel like a stuffed record around them. I really wish they too would get into it.”

“Why don’t they?” – I replied

“Oh, they all tell me how old they are, how they are overweight and how they just don’t have time. I think they are scared. But, you know what? It is just more motivation for me. I refuse to be like that, I refuse to make excuses”

This same man turned 51 this year, has two children and runs his own successful company.

I want to describe a range of people with a range of stories. Hopefully you can understand from that, it is you stopping only yourself, from basically anything.


It is often at times like this that I really do love to dwell on the success of those around me.

I love seeing people fight so hard for their goals. Understanding that their only limitations are those that they make themselves. This particular individual is no different. He was literally at the gym training until 9.45pm on Wednesday night after interning from 4.30 – 7pm, after working most of the day all while effectively studying sport and exercise.  

Have you ever heard the saying?

“Surround yourself with people who reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel. Energies are contagious”

This is the right kind of person.

Fight for goals like your life depends on it. Too hard? Too young? Then what’s this guy’s excuse?


This guy cracks me up. He has trained consistently twice a week for almost five years. He drives 19mins at 5 0’clock in the morning to get to the gym. He has two children both at primary school and is happily married. He also spends 2 and a half hours mowing his lawns every 2nd weekend.

Not your typical gym goer?

This same guy also has a race car.

So, he’s just your average dad!

No, he actually cares about his health and wellbeing. He actually wants to kick a ball around with his two boys, and he has Abs. Does your dad have abs?


This guy is your classic, single, fit-looking gym spunk. He trains really hard. He does everything on his training program. He strives to better himself every single day. He is always asking for more and looking for every opportunity to improve. Basically, he is the perfect athlete.

Except, he also works extremely long hours. He also drinks socially with his friends. And, he enjoys a break now and again.

And you know what, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

We are all human.

I am not trying to show you that our members are superhero’s.

Nor am I justifying their success.

This is purely about showing you the truth.

That every single person is normal, and different.

That you too, can be as successful or unsuccessful as you want.

You too can have the time you want, to do the things you want to.

You too can be fit and healthy.

Michael Gillum