Do the right things, correctly.

And the correct things, rightly.

Start every day with purpose.

With positivity.

With reason.

Start every day the way you intend that day to finish.

Start by making your bed.

I watch members shuffle into the gym at 5am each morning, half asleep, half awake. Wrapped up warm in layer beyond layer of clothing, hugging themselves tightly. Partly confused where they are, why they are there and nervous what lies ahead.

Each day at 9am, I watch rushed mothers unload babies into prams, and negotiate deals with toddlers while conversing with each other the stories of their sleepless nights. Eager to get started but intrigued with exactly is in store for them.

Every afternoon, I watch people speed into the carpark. Scramble out of their cars, shoes in one hand, keys, clothes, water bottle and skipping rope in the other. Excited work is over for another day, and enthusiastic for what lies ahead.

I had a conversation yesterday. So fresh in my mind, so much truth and so much gratitude at the same time…

“I have never been to another CrossFit gym. But, I have seen plenty of videos on Instagram and Facebook of other places. I get the impression no one has the same standards you guys have here. I don’t know if that’s the right word to use. But, you know, the gym is always so clean and tidy. Everyone says hello with a smile. Everyone does their best, and all the trainers don’t let people get away with poor movement. You guys always push us to do our best, and you are just real honest. Like when one of us gets a PB, you can honestly tell that you guys are really stoked, and truly happy for us. Thanks”.

The principle of making your bed is delivered best in Admiral William McRaven’s speech. The idea is about starting the day by completing one basic task. Completing one task correctly. Accomplishing something before you do anything else. Doing the right thing because if you can achieve this task, you can go on to achieve many more that day. If you start the day positive, by achieving this small task, you have more reason to find the same in your day. And, even if you fail the day, you will come home to a made bed.  

We do not have a bed to make at the gym.

Nor do we tell or check that people have made their bed.

However, our values are the same.

We do things correctly. Not because someone is watching, but because it’s the right thing to do.

We do things for a reason and with purpose because we can, we should, and we want to.

We start each and every class the way we intend to finish.

By getting to the gym and walking through the door our members endure all of that.

No matter what, everyone leaves to their next destination with a sense of accomplishment. With pride that they have positively, correctly achieved a task.

Michael Gillum