I cannot describe how excited I am to write this.

I have brought up this topic so many times in the past few weeks.

Every time I have this conversation I get so engrossed, so out of control. I get forced in a whirlwind of discussion.

And you know what…

99% of those of you who read this will think about it.

You will love the idea of it.

You will agree with it.

But, you won’t do anything about it.

And of the 1% of you who do, for most of you it won’t last.

The most successful people in the world in whatever it may be, will tell you without hesitation their secret. They are probably an open book. Because they know, even though you love the idea, the thought, the success, you won’t do anything about it. You have the desire, but the desire does not burn deep enough.

Go all in!

Like your life depended on it.

Last week a friend of mine was telling me that he recently resigned.

This week he told me that he has secured a private contract for the next six months.

He also told me that he has no idea what he is going to do at the end of the contract.

“Good” I replied

He looked at me puzzled.

This same friend approached me six months ago about investing in a business idea he had. I said I was keen, unfortunately he was not ready. He has a mortgage, and a family to support. Like 99% of the world, the idea of risking it all, of going out alone without the safety net of his employment scared him.

But, now it’s different.

This time he has to succeed.

This time he has to pursue his idea. He will chase his dream. He has nothing to fall back on. The difference is he will make it work because he has no other option. His family, his mortgage, and his life depends on it.

Think of it more plainly. You and your family live in the woods, off the grid. With no support. Each week for the past two years a plane fly’s over and drops food supplies for you and your family. One day it doesn’t come. If you don’t hunt something, can’t farm something, you and your family die. So, you find a way.

Now apply this same principle to our health and fitness. Train like it is life or death. Fix your diet like you have no alternative.

Here’s the 1% thing.

99% of you are easing into it.

99% of you are just getting yourself ready for change.

And, 99% of you will never throw yourself in the deep end.

Hence why, 99% of us can’t swim with Ian Thorp.

You are and will always delay the process and limit your success.

You can be the 1%.

But you have to go all in.

No excuses, at all.

I’m going for a swim.

Are you?

Michael Gillum