The world is not as you see it.

Have you ever considered what you are reading when you scroll your news feed?

Have you ever thought about the consequences of the stories people tell?

Have you ever read beyond the pictures?

I had an enlightening conversation with one of our members last week…

Friends of hers recently travelled the world. They spent almost a year enduring their travel adventure. Spending as they needed to, and overly enjoying the experience. They posted countless pictures of their travels, and they often received comments like…

“Oh my you are so lucky”,

“You guys have such an amazing life”,

“You guys are living the dream”,

And they never worked a day.

Must have rich parents!

No, they ticked the whole lot up. They maxed out every credit card they could and got more loans than you could imagine.

Still jealous?

They are now spending the next ten years of their life paying off the experience. Funny though because no one knows that. No one has any idea. Why would you?

They portrayed the experience of a lifetime without any worries.

This story may be a little extreme, but the reality of the scenario is no different for the majority of your newsfeed on any of your social platforms.

The world doesn’t want you to know the truth. To know about the hard work you have to do, to have nice things or to do cool stuff. The fact is people only want to see the cool stuff and have the nice things.

Have you ever seen a story on your news about someone who worked extremely hard at university living on the bear minimum? Who completed a two-year internship before working their way up through an accounting firm. And ten years after completing their study they are a senior partner earning more than the majority of us. No! the world would rather hear about their latest holiday to Vegas.

Have you ever heard a couple tell you that they never fight? That they are ‘just perfect for each other’. They are one of two things, either lying to each other and hiding their thoughts and feelings, or they are lying to you. We are human, we are different, and its ok to argue. But they are certainly not what they show the world.

When you read about, or listen to someone’s story have you ever asked them how? Have you ever asked them to explain how they achieved that? Have you ever thought deeper than what you see or hear?

This does not mean to enlighten you of the negative. Only to point out that there is no need to be jealous. That what you see may not be the truth, and even when it is, it most certainly is not the whole truth.

Stop looking across the horizon and start looking beneath the surface.

You will be amazed with what you find.

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Michael Gillum