Did I push that too far?

But, your family will always be there for you.

Your friends too, will support you no matter what.

The only reason you think they won’t is because of an idea you have created in your own head.

I decided to chase up one of our members last Sunday…

“Hey, are you training today?”

“Nah man, the family have turned up without warning, so I am going to call it a rest day then train tomorrow morning”.

Once is ok. Twice is an excuse.

“Bro, your family will always be there for you, and they will without doubt support your goals. My parents travel from the Far North a couple of times a year to visit. When they do they know I will at some stage go train, to support and pursue my goals. And they respect me for that, more so than if I didn’t.”

I then sent a picture of the members at the Sunday class sent.

“All of these people have families too bro. Enough said, see you when you are in next.”



Did he deserve a response like that?

Maybe not. But, consider the reality.

It is so easy to tell the world about your goals. To talk about how you strive for success. To read the latest motivation article.

What is hard, is actually doing the work.

Then, when things get in your way. Things that have immediate satisfaction. It is even harder.

When I next saw the same member, I asked…

“Hey man, how was the afternoon with your family?”

He replied, quite abrupt “good thanks”.

I decided to propose another scenario. One that is a little more challenging.

“Hey, I wanted to talk a little more about Sunday. You pointed out that the family had turned up unannounced therefore you couldn’t train. I get that. But, what if you had planned a work function on Sunday. You were the one running it, and it was a requirement under your last pay review that you plan and organise the next social event. And, this particular one being that function. Would you have had the same excuse? Or would you have told the family you had to go?”

“Either scenario, they would have thought no less of you, and would respect you all the same. The only difference is the order you have set your priorities, and the perception you have of your family.”

Now I had him thinking.

Earlier in the same week, another member who I have been helping messaged to say her birthday was coming up. She was asking if she could have the day off from training to enjoy her birthday.

I like to put things back on the individual, to help them understand their why…

“At the end of the day it is up to you. But, did Mat Fraser train on his birthday? You do not have to do anything. However, if you truly want to achieve your goals. Really want the success you say you do. It should not be a question of do you have to train. It will be, can I train on my birthday.”

All of these things I write about are things you create yourself. In your own head. Most of the time the only one who really cares is you.

The way you read something, is the way you read it.

The way you perceive a situation. Only you perceive it that way.

The way your family respects you. Only you have created that level of respect. And, they create their own.

You choose to look at things the way you do, no one else.

You can change that.

By literally changing your mind.

Michael Gillum