What if we were open minded?

I don’t always write from where I stand.

I write to provoke thought.

To create discussion.

And to challenge you.

It shocks me how quickly the world contests a challenge.

How quickly there is a negative reaction.

How effortlessly people let their own life, their emotions and their circumstances effect their opinion, or their decisions.

How open-minded people are not.

Last week I wrote discussing a response I sent to two members about decisions they had made. I do not necessarily agree with what I said to them. And, my goal was not to offend people or back anyone into a corner.

My aim was to offer another angle. 

To offer something the majority of us are not use to.

Years ago, I had a business partner.

Not because I financially needed one. Neither because I needed help to run the business. I had him because I wanted a devil’s advocate.

I would often ring, asking for advice on something. Bear in mind he had no idea how to run this business, and he had no experience in the industry. However, he was financially invested, and he cared. Without doubt, he would always say my idea was wrong. Even if he loved the idea, even if he wanted it himself, he would always debate the proposal. He wanted me to justify why it was a good idea. He wanted me to prove the pros outweighed the cons. He wanted me to see the other side of the spectrum.

It is so easy to be trapped in your own world. To be close minded. To have proved to yourself that whatever it may be, that whatever you are doing, saying, or being is right.

Recently, there was an article released that the process for qualifying and competing at the CrossFit Games was going to change.


Because, why be negative about something you have no control over?

Because change is good, and who knows, it may be the best thing that ever happened to our sport.

In your own world, is where negativity flourishes. Anything that is not considered ordinary or is unusual is undesirable. Anything that does not fit your ‘normal’ you see as wrong.

What if you considered the alternative?

What if you openly contemplated both scenarios?

Imagine how differently you would see the world.

You can grow as a person. But first, you need to be ready to accept the world is not as you see it or as you want it to be.

Michael Gillum