A positive change to 'why'.

Almost three months ago I stopped writing. Not because I hated it, nor because I didn’t have the time, N.B. you always have time, it is in fact how you choose to prioritize your time that decides where it is spent. I stopped writing because I began writing for followers. I began writing controversy. Yes it had purpose, that purpose being to allow my audience to think. But, it also attracted negativity. I hated that I pursued followers rather than the reason I began writing, that being to help, inspire and motivate others.

In September last year I took on a lot. All positive, exciting things, but certainly distractions…

I continued to be part of the team that ran the New Zealand Nationals Teams competition,

My wife and I purchased our first home,

I continued to coach, mentor and program for a number of competitive athletes,

I became once again more involved in the NZ Army,

I, with the help of the Taurus community, introduced and ran the TaurusTrio’s competition,

I had significant issues with the lease agreement at one of my businesses,

I took on the responsibility of organising a number of social events,

Not to mention I was consumed by the normal activities people do, like attend weddings, go to work etc.

And, to be honest I am not about to stop. 

I am probably about to take on more. 

The difference being, my ‘why’ has changed.

The millennial world as we know it has changed. And is continuing to change at an uncontrollable rate. Think of it like this…

Streams flow calmly, without effort, either downhill or out towards the sea.

When it rains they flow a little faster, at a slightly faster pace.

In the world right now, it is quite literally a thunder storm. the streams, now rivers are flowing faster than ever, at an unstoppable pace. You are either lying on a lilow enjoying the ride, standing at the banks effecting its course, or being dragging along without any control.

In this thunderstorm are two types of people, those who look at it positively, and those not so.

Take each of my three scenarios.

Lying on a lilow along for the ride with a positive perspective could be relaxing and enjoyable. You could see the opportunity as a positive experience, one to tell your grandchildren. The opposite viewpoint could be a completely contrasting experience, imagine bracing yourself for a waterfall which may never come, grasping the edges of your lilow not knowing what is beneath you, scared not knowing if this ride will ever end.

Standing on the banks with an optimistic outlook would create opportunities. How can you create power from the river to sell? or divert the river to make a stream safe for children to play in. Could you build a bridge to cross with which you could charge patrons to cross? The opportunities are endless to this individual. On the other hand, are you scared you may fall in and be swept away with the current. Frightened the banks will break and damage your property. Terrified of what may happen if it gets bigger, if the storm does not slow.

Being dragged along without any control is not all bad. You can swim, can’t you? If not, now is a really good time to learn and experience new things. You will only drown if you let yourself. There will be a rock or a log somewhere that you can grab hold of, think of this as an opportunity. The opposed perspective is very simple, you drown.

Perspective, perception, understanding or whatever you call it is purely how you see it.

Just like change.

Recently we moved CrossFit Taurus. By we, I mean the extraordinary community we have.

And you know what, I am extremely proud of it!

The new place is cleaner, brighter, better set up, more spacious, more professional, more inviting, newer and flows better.

Old is boring and comfortable. It is dull and lacks growth. Old has plenty of positive, with change.

Just like the new facility, everything has a positive, every change is good, it depends how you see it.

In 2019, my ‘why’ is to grow. Both myself as an individual and those in my life.

What is your ‘why’?

Will you make positive change?

Michael Gillum