How I do it.

I message myself when I think of topics I would like to write about. I actually think of topics at the weirdest of times. Often at night lying in bed, my mind wonders deep into thought. I actually used to fight it. I used to lie there for hours trying not think think about an idea that I was at the same time so engulfed in. At the same time, I would wonder why I couldn’t sleep. I have since learnt that if I write the idea down, I forgot less. I am also able to let go of the idea for now, but dive in deeper at a more fitting time. I also do this when I drive. I frequently travel long distance and so easily discover new and old ideas. However, the ideas were previously more often than not forgotten. I now take a couple of minutes to pull over and send myself the idea while it is fresh in my mind before I continue with my trip deep in thought. 

This particular time, I can not remember exactly when I sent myself this one. It reads…

‘Bulletin idea; Your Excuses’.

I spent the last couple of minutes trying to re-discover what example I had thought of. I always like to think of examples and experiences in my own life which you can all relate to. I found this relatively hard to do in this instance. 

I put pressure on myself to remove the idea of creating excuses and therefore I do not make one. Rather, I choose to identify the reason I do not make an excuse and accept that. Or, I identify the underlying reason the excuse has been made and instead, I aim to skip the negative. 

Think of it like this…

This afternoon I got home at at approximately 5pm. In all honesty I came home with a pretty poor attitude. Anyone could have seen that I was upset, and I certainly was not the kind of person you would want to take to the circus. I decided to do a few odd jobs around the house and once I had finished, I found myself sitting at the dinning room table scrolling social media on my phone. Scrolling is something I try to avoid doing, and often pull others up for. By now it was 6pm and I still had in my mind that I wanted to train this evening. 

Here is where I could let excuses take over and control me. Like a vine wrapping un-controllably around my body, suffocating me before I can do anything about it.

I am probably not going to train because it is so hot. 

I have hard a long day, plus we did a team triathlon this morning so I don’t feel like training. 

Im grumpy, I have a bad attitude and lets be honest, training is not going to go my way anyway.

I trained hard yesterday. Plus, I did a competition on the weekend. I also did an adventure race last week, so I probably need the rest.

It is pretty late, I still have work to do and I should probably have an early night.

A picture has a thousand words and I have 1000 and one excuses. 

I didn’t use any.

I also didn’t train. 

Not what you were expecting?

Neither. I had planned to train. I had planned to come home immediately after work and train hard before dinner and then write this, but my plan changed. 

Not because I made an excuse for myself, but because I made a decision not to. No negative connotation. No, “I will make up for it tomorrow”. No, “…excuse”. I made a conscious decision that training today was not what I truely wanted to do. It was not something I actually, honestly wanted to do. And you know what? That’s without doubt, without any judgement, 100% ok.

I am happy to accept that I did not train today. I have no reason why I didn’t, but I didn’t and thats okay.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is okay to be lazy. I am just pointing out that there is no need for an excuse, for any justification or for any reason. 

Simply accept responsibility for the decisions you make, and the consequences that come with them. Excuses are the simplest form, of the poorest effort to protect your own pride, your ego, or hide from disappointment.

I like you, am human. We make decisions and mistakes. We also make and achieve great things. Accept all of them.

Michael Gillum