The foundation of our training

Two days in a row I have had this conversation. Each time so detailed, so genuine, and damn so deep.

I am always intrigued how quickly someone can forget something so important to them. Something they once held so close to their heart. Something so basic, yet so valuable. At the same time though, I love how easily someone can be reminded of that same thing. And how, for a short period of time it really makes them think.

I am currently…  

Let’s say ‘out of town’ at the moment.

One of the things I love when I do travel is to visit the local CrossFit gym. I’d say I don’t actually love it because of the ‘community’ although it is pretty cool, I consider that a given. I love it because it always without doubt not only gives me a new perspective, it reminds me why I began this journey.

I turned up yesterday, having never been to this particular gym. I stood at the garage door watching for no more than two minutes.

Not the creep kind of watching, but just taking it in.

I love this…

I didn’t see a community (How can I? a community is something you are a part of, not something you see with your own eyes. You only see traits of what make a community).

I didn’t see flash gear (I will be honest however, they do have some pretty cool kit).

I didn’t see any crazy coaching or talented athletes doing amazing things.

What I did see was people of different ethnicities. People that ranged in age from their teens to late 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and older.

I saw a couple of highly ranked competitive athletes with a whole lot of fitness experience and a few newbies who walked in for their first trial that day.

I saw so many different brands of people in one place.

What I loved. What I miss and is so often forgotten. What is so genuine, and that makes CrossFit above all a sport which I value extremely deeply. Is that every single one of them was doing the class, together.

No one in that gym was too cool, too good, or too in-experienced.

They were all in there getting it done, together.

I understand the world of CrossFit has evolved. That it does take longer to do what is now a greater range of disciplines than when I started CrossFit. I also understand that it takes even more time and commitment to catch up to those individuals already in the game. I also understand what it takes to be competitive and the time it takes to not only gain the experience needed to be competitive but also the time in the gym, on the track, in the pool and so on.


I also and will forever believe and understand the value of class training. Specifically, CrossFit classes.

 If you don’t, well my friend you have so much more to learn. 

Classes are and will forever be the foundation of your training.


Because of the culture, the environment, the coaching, the opportunity and the laughs, the pressure, the ever-changing competitiveness, the memories you create, the stories that are told and made, the diversity of not only the training but the people around you, the tricks you learn from coaches and the people around you, the skills you learn and develop, to only name a few.

That is quite literally price less.

It’s funny, while I write this I think of all the stories people have told me about how they don’t want to do class anymore. How classes are too easy. How classes just aren’t what they use to be. How classes just aren’t for them.

Take home point number one. You started by doing classes!

Maybe the problem isn’t the class maybe it’s you?

Take home point number two. The only negative thing about any class is you.

Firstly, blaming something only hides the issue. Blaming classes for your lack of benefit or enjoyment may be an indication that you went to that class not honestly wanting to get the most out of it. Were you looking for a problem, issue or a negative? Was your ego front of mind? Or, were you simply having a tough day? Forever shifting the blame will only leave you miserable.

Give yourself an upper cut.

Put your pride aside.

Show up, with no expectations and have a blast.

Sure, do some additional training afterwards. 

Nonetheless, do the class.

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Michael Gillum